Is Tooth Decay A Thing Of The Past?

Researchers claim they have deciphered the structure and functional mechanism of the glucansucrase enzyme responsible for dental plaque sticking to teeth. This knowledge will stimulate the identification of substances that inhibit the enzyme. Just add that substance to toothpaste, or even sweets, and tooth decay will be a thing of the past, right?


There is no time like the present for us to fully understand there will never be a marvelous magic solution that will stop tooth decay. Additionally, there is no time like the present to also realize there will never be a toothpaste that will stop any amount of dental disease. It is paramount that dentists recognize the true cause of dental disease or there will be no leader to follow other than the misleading advertisements of the toothpaste manufacturers.

Tooth decay starts on the inside.

It is very unfortunate that many dentists and researchers are not  aware of the true cause of dental decay as it was discovered over 70 years ago by Dr. Carey Reams. It is even more unfortunate that little is known of  the work of a dentist and researcher, Dr. Ralph Steinman,  who verified important aspects of Dr. Reams’ findings over 40 years ago. Even though their life-times overlapped, neither man knew anything about the other, or their work.

I was privileged to be a dental student under Dr. Steinman’s instruction and during part of the time he was doing his research that came to be titled “Dentinal Fluid Transport.” The bottom line of Dr. Steinman’s research on “Dentinal Fluid Transport” demonstrates how decay literally starts on the inside of the tooth. I must take a liberty here and repeat myself to make sure this is emphasized — tooth decay starts on the inside of the tooth. Thus, no amount of oral hygiene is going to make much difference in stopping or preventing tooth decay, as tooth decay results from the electrochemistry inside the tooth connected to the electrochemistry of the body which, in and of itself in its totality is all, not functioning correctly. Moreover, body electrochemistry is the systemic mechanism that must function in an optimum mineralized state to keep dentinal fluid transport preventing tooth decay.

In fundamental terms, Dr. Steinman discovered that a healthy tooth has it own natural self cleansing ability, which moves a lymph like fluid, from the blood supply within the tooth’s pulp, out through the dentine and enamel. This natural fluid movement prevents dental plaque from building up as well as counteracts harsh chemical effects from the environment of the mouth. How well this natural lymph flow functions is directly related to the electrochemistry of the body. If the systemic electrochemistry is negatively affected by poor nutrition, the self cleansing lymph flow is significantly reduced or even stopped.

♥Dr. Reams discovery and your teeth.

Beginning in the early 1930s Dr. Carey Reams discovered what he termed “Biological Theory of Ionization,” which later took on his name and is known today as Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization or RBTI. From this we learn that calcium is needed by weight and volume in biological life more than any other mineral. Interestingly, calcium is one of the minerals most lacking in our foods since it is usually the most deficient in our food growing soils. It is important to point out that females, during child bearing years, need upwards of seven times more calcium in their diet than a male. And, of course, calcium is a main ingredient in tooth structure.

Additionally, Dr. Reams also discovered what he referred to as the “chemical colloid.” Reams believed that this unique colloid is so special that life, as we know it, could not exist without it. This special colloid was found in a natural soil amendment known as “Soft Rock Phosphate.” As he studied this unusual colloid and worked with it, he came to realize that it was not only vital to proper soil chemistry in order to raise high quality nutrient dense foods, but he also found it was vital to mineralize and/or remineralize weakened organs and tissues of the human body, especially bones and teeth. In fact, he found that in nature the harder the natural biologic substance the more of this special colloid was required to grow that substance to its maximum hardness. The more he used this one-of-a-kind colloid to supplement soil and human nutrition, the more he realized how vital it was to restoring and maintaining high level wellness. He coined the term “Min-Col” as the name for the chemical colloid when used as a human mineral supplement.

As a dentist, I have come to realize through experience that “Min-Col” is a very effective material in assisting the natural dentinal fluid flow to remineralize and reverse active dental decay. I personally believe that MinCol is the best mineral supplement to provide the optimum overall bone and tooth health than anything else. In my opinion it is far better for supporting healthy teeth than taking any form of synthesized fluoride supplements. Min-Col is non-toxic and natural. By the way, Min-Col is also an excellent source of calcium and, not only that, it helps carry calcium into biological tissue.

So dear reader, it is time to do something about your bones and teeth for good.

And don’t forget, “When you don’t know where your are going, every road takes you there.”

Thanks for stopping by and considering the RBTI Perspective.

Dr. A.F. Beddoe


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