RBTI and Children’s Diets and Their IQ

It is, clearly, a crucial time to connect the brain development of our kids with their diet.

During the first three years of a child’s life, research tells us that their brain will be developing at its fastest rate of anytime during their entire life. This means that if parents are not paying close attention to their child’s diet during this time, intellectual development will certainly be negatively impacted. Research points out that the detrimental affect of diet on the first three years of brain development persists even if the diet improves later.  Are we paying attention to this critical issue?

As always, the main contributing causation behind poor nourishment, whether child or adult, is lack of knowledge regarding what good nutrition really means and must be. Sadly, there continues to be an ongoing “dumbing-down” about nutrition in spite of the fact that there is more interest in nutrition than in any other previous time in our culture.

The only real way to understand how to ideally feed and care for a child’s brain is found in the science and technology known as Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization, also known as RBTI.

♥ Brain oxygen levels must be properly maintained by the diet.

The only way to assure proper oxygen is being provided, to a child’s developing brain, is to monitor how their body is handling simple and complex sugars in their diet. Understanding the RBTI Perspective clarifies how this can only be determined after measuring a child’s urine sugars with a device known as a refractometer. Traditional blood sugar measurements do not give the complete picture of how a child’s body is processing their dietary carbohydrates. When urine sugars are too high, according to RBTI methods of determination, brain oxygen is deficient. Likewise, when urine sugars are too low, brain oxygen is deficient. Only by understanding the healthy range for a child’s urine sugars and how to maintain that range through an individualized diet, can proper oxygen levels be assured for brain development. In other words, the key, to optimum intellectual brain development, is maintaining, as close to ideal sugar levels, at any give time.

♥ Children should not be fed the same diet as adults.

RBTI demonstrates that the beginning of all physical degenerative dysfunction and dis-ease is directly tied to a diet that is not contributing to the mineral nourishment required to fulfill vital digestive functions. If a diet is not adding vital mineral nourishment to the body consuming it, due to either, 1) a weak (sick) or immature (as in an infant or child) digestion unable to extract the nutrient needed from the food ingested 2) and/or the nutritional quality of the food itself is deficient, 3) and/or the food is not correctly prepared for the present digestive health or condition.

Basic RBTI principles in feeding.

Basic principles for proper RBTI feeding reveals that children, 1) should only be given foods that are prepared according to the maturity and the health of their digestion, 2) should only be given foods that their digestion can properly and fully digest, 3) should be given a lacto ovo vegetarian diet until their digestion matures enough (at around the age of 12 years) to fully digest animal meat.  RBTI firmly believes that commercial ads that promote children consuming processed meats, of any type, absolutely do not promote high quality health in children.

To feed a child properly, according to RBTI, it is necessary to take into consideration the age of the child as well as testing the urine and saliva electrochemistry, utilizing RBTI, of that child. With this information, a diet can be accurately determined and tailor-made to assure the best overall health including brain feeding and it’s optimum development. RBTI removes the guesswork in all areas of health, diet and nutrition. Reams Biological Theory of Ionization thoroughly addresses the biochemical individuality of diet and nutrition whether dealing with a child or an adult. If you want to know how to feed and care for your child’s to insure their best brain and physical development, you need to consider what RBTI has to show you.

Thanks for taking your time here.

Dr. A.F. Beddoe

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