Exposing Health Fads

Health is defined as a “state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease, illness or injury.”

Fad, on the other hand, is defined as “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, esp. one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s quality.”

Thus, the term “health fad” can be defined as any practice that one enthusiastically employs, which one believes will improve and promote their health and longevity, without any individualized analysis to reasonably verify the purpose of use. In other words, health fads come into existence due to beliefs founded on a common approved virtue rather than truth.

Stop and think about it. Are there health practices you are carrying on and/or promoting based on the power of a group-approved virtue, when you actually in truth don’t have a clue as to its benefit to your health or longevity. If so, you can be wasting time, money and especially your health in the process. Everyone may need to be de-faded sometime. One way to start is to acquaint yourself with a reliable reference point.  There is a reliable reference point found in Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI).

Yes, RBTI first exposes the unique biochemical individuality of anyone, and then reveals the specific changes and alterations in diet and lifestyle practices necessary to bring on real health, wellness and longevity.

Beginning back in the 1930s, Dr. Reams was led to discover that true health could be defined through a mathematical model that has come to be referred to as the RBTI “numbers.” This model resulted from a keen understanding of the way Einstein’s energy equation (E=mc2) revealed how biological life develops and functions on the same type of energy that brought us into the atomic age. Having stood the empirical testing of time, Reams’ model is a reference point for true “perfect health” — not just “normal” health. Through the vast amount of health and diet information that this math model is able to reveal, from simple tests performed on fresh samples of an individual’s urine and saliva — health fads, facts and truths are readily exposed, along with how to properly feed and care for the biochemical uniqueness of any person.

For example, RBTI demonstrates that humans do not live off the food they eat, rather they live off the energy from that food in the form of ionic mineral, heat and electricity that results from the food encountering the right electro-chemical pressure or resistance from proper digestive enzymes. RBTI mathematically defines “perfect health” as the optimum building and maintenance of mineral energy reserves throughout life (see RBTI “Numbers” above), while aging and disease are nothing more than a premature loss of mineral energy reserves as demonstrated via the RBTI analysis. One of the conclusions of RBTI’s mathematical energy model reveals that anything in the diet and lifestyle that does not add to an individual’s mineral energy reserves, based on the RBTI urine and saliva analysis, would be classed as a useless fad.

Dr. Reams always brought in the subject of fads when addressing new RBTI students by saying:

  • “The Biological Theory of Ionization is not difficult, it’s just different. And the unlearning processes in this course are one of the things you’re going to find most difficult, especially to unload your fads. When you unload your fads, you’re going to feel awful light. You’re going to feel insecure. You’re going to feel like you’re lost for a while. Then you’ll have the meanings at your fingertips to know the truth through the numbers.”

Reams often used this story in speaking about fads:

  • “A man came into my office and said, “Doctor, what do you think about anybody living on an all raw food diet?” I responded in a joking way by saying, “It’s good enough for an old goat.” He said, “I raise goats and I live on all raw foods.” When I tested him, he was as sick as any person I’ve seen. What I’m saying is, don’t get hooked on a fad, go by the numbers. If the body is too acid, make it a bit more alkaline. If it has too much salt, take the salt out of the diet and be sure to use distilled water. If too much sugar, drop the sugar down. If the body doesn’t have enough of something, try to get it into the body, and don’t forget the importance of potassium. If it has too much, try to reduce it.”

A classic fad example that Reams commonly used, was the old “vinegar and honey” cure, which he usually told like this.

  • “If you have read the vinegar and honey cure book, you’d think that the only thing in the world you needed to be healthy and live to be 150 years old was to take vinegar and honey regularly. Suppose that you had a body that was extremely acid and you also were a diabetic, and into this acid high sugar system you put more acid and more sugar, that’s a perfect example of the foolishness of fads. So what we’re doing is taking the fads out by revealing the truth of diet and health in mathematical numbers and we’re going to go by the numbers to understand how to feed the body.”

A beginning key rule that one learns from RBTI is that what is food for one person may be poison to the next, because each person is biochemically unique. In order to properly feed and care for a person’s health, it is vital to understand the biochemical uniqueness determined through the no fad science of RBTI.

If you are interested in learning the science of RBTI it is now available to you in the new online video training through Advanced Ideals Institute. RBTI Level 1 video training is now live and ready for your registration and participation.

See you in class online.

Dr. A.F. Beddoe, DDS

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