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There continues to be greater and greater concern about the public health issues surrounding what medical science has named osteopenia and osteoporosis. Osteopenia has two Greek ancestors: “osteon,” bone and “penia,” poverty. So osteopenia is simply bone poverty. Even though osteopenia is not considered a “disease,” by medical science, it is considered to be an indicator of susceptibility to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, on the other hand, is just a more severe osteopenia in which the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced to the point where bone microarchitecture is disrupted, and the amount and variety of non-collagenous protein in the bone is altered. In other words, the bone has become porous like a honeycomb.

In 2001, national attention was focused on the ever-increasing concerns regarding bone diseases when both the House and Senate jointly commissioned the Surgeon General to issue a first-ever Report to the Nation on the status of research and education on osteoporosis and related bone disease. Furthermore, to setting forth an action plan to comprehensively address the urgent need to reverse the increasing toll of this disease.

In 2004 the Surgeon General’s “Report on Bone Health and Osteoporosis” was released. In summary, the Report calls osteoporosis a “silent” condition because many Americans are unaware that their bone health is in jeopardy. In fact, four times as many men and nearly three times as many women have osteoporosis than those that report having the condition. Plus, osteoporosis affects men and women of all races, and while bone weakness manifests primarily in older Americans, the Report made a point of emphasizing that strong bones really begin in childhood.

Besides reporting the status of bone health the report included recommendations on what Americans can do to decrease the likelihood of developing osteoporosis. One of those recommendations focuses on the value and impact of proper nutrition — especially the consumption of foods that are significant sources of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. The Report also calls upon health care professionals to help Americans maintain healthy bones “by evaluating risks for patients of all ages …” and “look for ‘red flags’ that may indicate someone is at risk.”


There is no time like the present for the value of Dr. Ream’s Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) to be demonstrated. For health care professionals to be able to help their patients determine if they are at risk for having or developing bone disease, they must be able to establish if there is an ongoing mineral deficiency in progress before their patients’ bones ever begin to get close to the condition labeled osteopenia — let alone osteoporosis, as demonstrated in a bone density test. Currently employed risk assessment systems, such as the common bone density tests, are only looking at the ongoing effects after the fact, not the cause. There is no dispute that truly strong and healthy bones must begin with proper nourishment in childhood. However, Dr. Reams is the first and only scientist to establish the biologic math for perfect health. From that, he learned to tailor-make diets according to individual body chemistry needs that will result in all tissue, including bones, being made the strongest and healthiest.

So what does RBTI teach us about building and/or maintaining strong bones at any age?

  • RBTI tests must first be done and the test numbers properly interpreted.
  • RBTI teaches that the liver must have its’ needs for water, oxygen and calcium properly supplied according to viable RBTI test numbers.
  • RBTI teaches that there must be enough of the right types of calcium in the daily diet, moving through the intestinal tract, in order for all the organs and tissues of the body, through the liver, to be perfectly supplied with enough mineral energy from the food. Calcium deficiency in the digestive tract means poor mineral energy production and delivery.
  • RBTI teaches that food should be our prime source for minerals. However, with the endemically mineral deficient foods available today, the diet must be supplemented only with the correct calcium types and associated minerals and vitamins according only to the test numbers. Furthermore, RBTI reveals how various foods impact a given chemistry of the body for better or worse. In other words, RBTI teaches how to tailor-make diets based on individual bio-math of body chemistry. “Why guess, when you can be sure”… how to perfectly feed the bones.
  • RBTI teaches how the pH of urine and saliva holds the keys to understanding how to use calcium supplements and which type(s) for the best organ and tissue results. RBTI principles of pH also reveal how vitamin C and D, in whatever form, can only be used if desiring ideal dietary and health to impact the bones or any organ.
  • RBTI teaches how Dr. Reams discovered the unique chemical colloid, completely different from the typical “dispersed phase” (size related) colloids.[i] Unlike the “dispersed phase” colloids, chemical colloids are:
    • Structured like a miniature solar system. That is, they contain their own independent internal power supply, which allows them to move anywhere water moves independent of electromagnetic or ionic charges around them. In other words, chemical colloids can levitate in air or water and go with the flow of either.
    • Absolutely vital to the structure of organs and tissues. The harder the substance the more chemical colloid must be available to supply the needs of the cells as they are replaced, rebuilt and restored.
    • The ultimate determinate of how strongly bone is built or how quickly bone is restored when minerally depleted. Chemical colloids act as friction reducers to the movement of mineral molecules into the cell. RBTI teaches that all mineral (except nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon) can only be carried into the cells attached to phosphate. Chemical colloids are a significant source of this vital nontoxic phosphate that moves mineral into cells.
    • Are structures that contain from 66 to 84 different minerals, all of which are nontoxic because they only remain and function within the chemical colloid itself as it moves within the biologic entity.
  • RBTI teaches that the prime source for chemical colloids  comes either from high quality (high Brix)[ii] foods grown incorporating soft rock phosphate according to RBTI soil principles or from the supplement Dr. Reams named Min-Col which is specially extracted from a natural substance known as soft rock (colloidal) phosphate.
  • RBTI teaches that the prime construction material of bone is calcium phosphate, including the chemical colloids, and that bones are the body’s main mineral reservoir. That the body depends on this mineral reservoir anytime the body is unable to get enough mineral, especially calcium, from its diet. Dr. Reams likened this mineral reservoir to a savings account. The first day one does not get enough mineral out of the food eaten, that is the first day that the body defaults to its mineral reservoir to supply its’ needs. When this happens, this is technically the start of degenerative dis-ease, according to Dr. Reams. In other words, osteopenia or osteoporosis result from the body cannibalizing the bones for its’ mineral needs, primarily calcium, when it cannot get sufficient supply from the food consumed.

RBTI holds the keys for healthcare professionals to look at and become knowledgeable about the cause as well as the potential for bone softening long before it is considered a disease — simply the best prevention. This is a fact, because RBTI provides the true reference point for real health. It references perfect not “normal.” Standard health evaluation methods only reference “normal.” If one’s health evaluation tests are “normal,” one is considered healthy in standard health systems. If research were to compare bones developed on RBTI references versus bones considered “normal,” based on standard density testing, it would be quite evident that “normal” densities would be considered deficient based on RBTI’s perfect bio-math reference. Take it from one who has looked at all the standard and alternative “health systems” out there, both past and present. RBTI has no match, not even close, bar none. Furthermore, RBTI holds the keys for true health education, while exposing the vast amount of destructive fads and myths believed and practiced in the alternative health arena. Yes, the alternative health arena is full of the blind leading the blind with no real reference point. Yet, RBTI has the only bio-math reference that does not mislead. So, “why guess, when you can be sure” of how to build and maintain super bones with RBTI.

Thanks for taking the time to consider another RBTI Perspective

Dr. A. F. Beddoe, D.D.S.




[i] Many familiar substances, including butter, milk, cream, cheese, aerosols (fog, smog, smoke), asphalt, inks, paints, glues, sea foam as well as all manufactured “colloidal minerals” and “colloidal supplements” in the food supplement industry are this type of “size” colloids. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because a supplement is labeled “colloidal” it is the same as the chemical colloid Dr. Reams discovered and taught. It is not!

[ii] Brix is the unit of measure on an instrument called a refractometer. Brix measurements from a refractometer can be directly interpreted into the percent sugar contained in the juice of fruit or vegetables. The higher the Brix reading the higher the sugar content of juice of the fruits or vegetables, the greater the nutrient mineral content of those fruits or vegetables.



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