The Passing Of An RBTI Champion


If you are new to Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI), then you didn’t have the privilege of knowing Dr. Dan Skow, DVM. I don’t remember exactly the date when I first met Dan, but I do know that we became well acquainted through the same compelling interest — Dr. Carey Reams’ science known as Biological Theory of Ionization. In retrospect it was through divinely orchestrated circumstances, while I was a student in the second RBTI class, that Dr. Reams invited me to participate in helping him teach his human nutrition classes. It was through participating with Dr. Reams that I met Dan. Dan, like myself and several others I met in those early days with Reams, could see the grand potential of what RBTI could do for the world if it could be thoroughly understood, practiced and taught in all its applications. And that is why I call him a champion of RBTI. No one has done more to awaken the agricultural world to the timeless value of the science and practices of Dr. Carey Reams than Dr. Dan Skow. Probably one of his single biggest accomplishments was to found the rebirth of International Ag Labs, which Dr. Reams originally founded in Florida back in the 1930s and had closed in 1968. Dan’s contribution to the science, practice and dissemination of RBTI in soil, animal and human health will continue to reverberate for decades.

God Speed Dan! Greet Doc for me. See you later.

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