The Perfect Detoxification

Most popular approaches to wellness involve some sort of immediate or ongoing detoxification. A simple search will reveal a large number of health-oriented websites promoting various detoxification philosophies and/or programs. One could assume by this that detoxification is essential for obtaining and maintaining personal health and wellbeing. Thus, the question: Is detoxification (cleansing) necessary to good health and, if so, is there a correct way to detoxify?

Detoxification simply refers to the process of removing toxic (poisonous) substances. In humans, it refers to the removal of toxic substances from the body tissues and organs. So-called toxic, or poisonous, substances found within the human chemistry come from two primary sources—either externally (from food and/or the environment), or from the body itself, generated by improper or inefficient chemical reactions.

RBTI’s Perfect Health

“Go by the numbers” and “Why guess when you can know for sure,” are probably two of the most often quoted statements of Dr. Carey A. Reams. Dr. Reams was referring to the biomathematical exactness of the numbers generated from urine and saliva analysis and placed into the RBTI equation. Dr Reams developed the RBTI equation during his diligent and timely research, in the early 1930s, while attempting to find an answer to a neighbor child’s health dilemma. He always gave God credit for guiding him to the RBTI equation that mathematically characterizes the perfect body chemistry. It is the RBTI urine and saliva mathematical exactness, that taught Dr. Reams how the human body is designed to continuously detoxify itself, as an integral part of being fed and cared for according to the RBTI mathematical model.

Reams Discoveries Connecting The Perfect Detox Only With Perfect Health

  1. Each species of biological life lives on a unique molecular frequency, humans having the highest frequency among all plants and animals. Plus, Reams found the female gender to have a slightly higher frequency within the specie.
  2. Before any essential mineral element can be perfectly incorporated into a high-energy human cell, it must first be placed on (i.e., tuned to) the perfect base frequency of the specie (in this case human) as well as to the sub-frequency of the organ-tissue of its destination. This process, under the direction of the brain, begins in the digestive tract, continues in the liver, and is completed in what Dr. Reams referred to as the “transformer glands.”
  3. Dr. Reams discovered that three substances are initially and absolutely required for the liver to fulfill its role in the frequency-tuning process:  a) the correct amount and type of water, b) the perfect amount of oxygen, and c) the exact types and amounts of calcium. In fact, Reams found that the human body requires more calcium, by weight and volume, than any other single mineral.
  4. Dr. Reams also discovered that calcium controls how all other minerals, good and bad, are allowed to enter into the cell, both during its initial construction and during its continuing life cycle. That is, all other minerals, beneficial or toxic, are intimately related to calcium availability during the cell’s building and maintenance phases. When calcium is optimal during cell building and maintenance phases, all other vital mineral elements, if properly available, are incorporated into the cell’s structure perfectly. Furthermore, if toxic mineral substances are present during any part of this construction and maintenance process, they are rejected and are not incorporated into the cell’s structure because they cannot fit the required frequency. In other words, if the digestive chemistry is perfect (i.e. no biochemical indigestion due to nutrient mineral deficiency) during cell construction, correct amounts of all other vital and beneficial mineral elements take up their rightful positions in the cells, while the nonessential and/or toxic elements are rejected and thrown out of the body. Perfect digestion, only allows the proper mineral types and amounts to be incorporated into a cell, while all other unnecessary and/or toxic elements and metals are rejected (not attracted) because they do not fit the perfect frequency configuration.
  5. Finally, Dr. Reams found that a human body, with high reserve mineral energy, replaces every cell within approximately six-months, regardless of cell type or its longetivity. A perfectly healthy human body is designed to replace its different cell types within 180 days of their initial construction — of course some cell types are replaced faster than other types — but all ultimately within the 180 day period. Therefore, in the properly nourished body, detoxification (proper cell replacement) is an ongoing process. Toxic minerals are rejected and excreted, and older unhealthy cells containing toxic elements are soon replaced by healthy non-toxic cells. This is why Dr. Reams maintained that degeneration is nothing more than premature aging, which is simply the body’s way of telling us that it does not have optimum mineral intake to replace the dead and dying low mineral energy cells with high mineral energy healthy cells on a timely basis. By the way, it is important to note here this significant correlation Reams discovered:  That calcium’s role in soil chemistry, if properly regulated, prevents plants from picking up toxic heavy metals for the same reason.

The Perfect Detox

To understand what Dr. Reams is saying through his RBTI discoveries, is to know that the only true and perfect detoxification is to perfectly feed and care for the human chemistry according to the RBTI biomathematics model of perfect health — known as the “numbers.” Only according to these RBTI numbers can the body perfectly rid itself of the off-frequency dead, dying and toxic cells and replace them with the on-frequency high calcium non-toxic cells within the 180 days. The body, in perfect health, will not allow toxic heavy metals into its structure because they will not fit or conform to the perfect human frequency according to Dr. Reams.

RBTI Conclusions

It is at the cellular level that the human body is either fully alive or toxic and dying. No amount of fasting, starving, heating, cooling, chelating etc., etc. will force the body to remove and replace toxic, dead and dying cells with healthy high energy life maintaining cells. Only a body, fed and cared for according to that individual’s own RBTI test numbers can truly maintain a totally natural high calcium, high mineral energy on-frequency non-toxic structure, even in the midst of a toxic environment.

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Dr. A.F. Beddoe, DDS

The Value Of Seeds

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault (SGSV) celebrated its third anniversary February 24, 2011 with the arrival of seeds for rare lima beans, blight-resistant cantaloupe, and progenitors of antioxidant-rich red tomatoes from Peru and the Galapagos Islands. The arrival of these collections, including many drought- and flood-resistant varieties, comes at a time when natural and human-made risks to agriculture have reinforced the critical need to secure all the world’s food crop varieties.

I’m bringing up the Svalbard Global Seed Vault because I feel that more earthlings need to be aware of the critical importance of having a supply of garden seed on hand in case the world situation may bring about the need for us to grow more of our own food, i.e., be able to be more food independent if the situation presents. Of course most reading this are more informed than the average about many of these type of issues, so do pass this one to those that may not be as informed.

Be aware also that there are a number of thought leaders who feel strongly that seeds will be worth more than gold at some point in the near future. That is to say, we cannot put gold or silver into a palatable form no matter how much preparation effort we might put into it. Furthermore, those thought leaders strongly suggest that many may even find it necessary to use some of their survival seed for bartering rather than planting. That is how valuable seed could become.

Of course the best and preferred seed to store for emergency times ahead is seed that can be naturally pollinated referred to as “open pollinated.” However, be aware that the better the quality, i.e., the better the mineral sugar content in the seed, the better and longer it will keep. Dr. Carey Reams discovered a long time ago that the higher the natural sugar content that could be grown into a fresh fruit or vegetable, as tested with a refractometer, the better the fresh keeping quality, as well as its nutritional value. Likewise, the higher the natural sugar content of a fruit or vegetable, the higher the mineral sugar content its seed will contain. The result will be seed that is heavier and denser for its kind. This translates into fewer seed per unit of weight. If you are wanting to know how to determine which of two or more brands of the same seed are high in quality, then compare the seed count per pound. The heavier and denser high quality seed will show fewer seed per pound than the lighter weight lower quality seed.

So how does one get high quality seed to grow in their garden? The only real answer can be found in the science and technology known as Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization or RBTI. The best source, for the home gardener, from which to learn how to grow high quality fruits and veggies that will result in high quality seed from your garden is to get the book Nourishment Home Grown. If your in commercial farming then you will want to get obtain the farming and soil management textbook.

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PS: Check out all the books and publications on RBTI.



Water (from the Old English waeter; c.f German “Wasser,” from PIE *wod-or, “water”) is a tasteless, odorless and colorless substance in its pure state according to standard scientific definitions. Yes, contrary to the promoters of bottled water, pure water is scientifically tasteless. The difference that one detects in tastes of water comes from the presence of different mineral ions that the water molecules contain. However, even the “tasteless” pure water can be see to have a taste after one has become used to drinking water that has a distinctive flavor present, from the various mineral ions within it.

Water is found in many forms in our environment from water vapor and clouds to waves and icebergs in the sea, glaciers on the mountain and aquifers in the ground. Earth’s atmosphere contains 102,000 cubic miles of water equal to 0.031% of the 326 million cubic miles of water on the Earth itself. Water is constantly moving from one form to another by recycling through evaporation, precipitation and run-off in what is called “the water cycle.” Likewise, there is a water cycle within the internal environment of the human body. It was Dr. Carey Reams that found how important water actually was to the body’s internal environment and mechanisms.

Without water life cannot exist. Dr. Reams would reinforce how vital water was to biologic life by demonstrating the significance of the amount of water required by different species as compared to humans. A 500 pound steer, for example, requires about 25 gallons of water per day to maintain its life. This works out to a 42% water requirement per pound of weight. Much of the water the steer drinks leaves as heat through vapor form via the skin because of the large skin surface of the steer. Plant life requires three times its weight in water per day. That represents a 300% water requirement per pound of weight. On the other hand, a human weighing 100 pounds, requires only about 1.5 quarts of water per day and this works out to only 3.2% water requirement per pound of weight. Yes, the human lives on the highest frequency of all biologic life on earth, but requires the least amount of water to exist of all the forms of biologic life. This is one technical reason why Dr. Reams would say that the human is the hardest to kill of all species of life on earth. It is for this reason, according to Reams, that humans need to pay particular attention to their water drinking habits. Yes, because our water requirement is what it is we are often distracted by our goals and lifestyles, thus through negligence we commonly abuse our water requirements to the detriment of our health and wellbeing.

Dr. Reams was the first person to scientifically understand how and why water is so critical to human life and health. It was his discovery of the role of the liver in the overall electro-chemical nutrition of the body that first disclosed to him how vital water was to liver health. To understand what Reams discovered, about the liver’s nutritional requirements, is to know that the liver requires three primary substances to maintain its own vital functions. Those three substances, in order of importance, are Water, Oxygen and Calcium. Thus, the value of water, oxygen and calcium, to the liver, can be compared to a three-legged stool. If one or more of the three legs are not in proportion to the others, i.e. missing and/or deficient, the stool cannot stand or function correctly. In other words, when the water requirement of the liver is not met, the liver’s function is constrained. Why is this significant? Because the liver is the organ that manufacturers all of the beginning molecules that the body relies on to replace, rebuild and maintain all of its other tissues, glands and organs. Limiting water limits the liver and subsequently its ability to nourish the body.

From a biological standpoint, Dr. Reams’ research led him to recognize many distinct properties of water that are critical for the maintenance and proliferation of life that set it apart from other substances. Primary in importance, among these properties that Reams learned about water, is that water must be the carrier of energy “on-frequency.” That is to say, water was designed to take on and carry electromagnetic frequency in order to promote and enhance biologic energy exchange and storage vital to high-level wellness of the human organism. This is what led Reams to understand why the best water for human consumption is water that is not only pure, but also wet and high in energy. Oh yes, water can be pure, but not necessarily wet and high energy. According to Reams, water can be pure and yet remain dry. Dry, meaning the water molecule contains very little energy. If you know what it is like to bathe in hard water versus soft water, you will know what Reams was referring to when he used the terms, wet or dry water.

Water is known as the universal solvent. But Reams found that water must be more than a universal solvent in order to function at its optimum in the human’s liver and body in general. In order for water to best carry energy, on the human frequency, it must be able to concentrate the electrostatic lines of magnetic flux. That is to say, in the electrical field of the human body, water must be able to store and carry electrical energy on the human frequency for sustaining optimum levels of mineral energy release, transfer and storage. The ideal water, to allow this process to occur in the human body, is steam distilled water. Why steam distilled water? Because its molecules, being free of impurities, are recognized by scientists as a good “dielectric.” This simply means that distilled water has the ability to act as an insulator and storage for the ionic electro-magnetic energy it picks up. In doing so, it reduces the force between the ionic energy charges it carries so it can carry more of them. In other words, steam distilled water has the ability to carry or take on more ionic energy on the human frequency than any other type of water because of its unique molecular structure.

Another factor unique to water is its ability pick up and retain electromagnetic fields of materials it flows through or touches in it travels through the mantel of the earth. In simple terms water has a memory. Whether drinking water is sourced from a spring, well, river, creek or pond, that water will contain a combined memory of all the electromagnetic fields of all the unique rock and soil it has traveled through. This cluttered electromagnetic memory prevents the water from truly acting as a proper energy carrying substance when entering the body. However, the process of distillation, which is heating water from a liquid phase to a steam phase and then cooling it back to a liquid phase, erases the water’s memory. Yes, the process of distillation erases the water’s memory. This allows the water to function uninhibited in its ability to carry and transfer electromagnetic energy within the body’s organs and tissues. The distillation process changes water into an optimum energy carrier. The best form of water for hydrating and feeding your body’s tissues and organs.

What about mineral waters? According to what Dr. Reams taught, mineral waters are the poorest and least beneficial to healthy body chemistry. This is because the mineral being carried in the mineral water molecule blocks the molecule from acting as distilled water molecules described above. Likewise, various tap and well waters also act like mineral waters as far as the body is concerned. The minerals they carry, even though less than that in so-called mineral water, interferes with the water molecules ability to act as an energy storage and carrying system. Some have likened drinking mineral, tap and well water to washing dishes in dirty water.

As for reverse osmosis (RO) water, it may be a fairly pure water, depending on how the exchange filters are working, but it has not gone through the heating, vaporization and condensation process as steam distilled water and therefore its electromagnetic memory has not been erased. RO water does not posses the high-energy carrying potential of distilled water. In other words, it too cannot function as perfectly as distilled water for carrying and dispersing the electromagnetic mineral energy throughout the body’s organs and tissues to satisfy the body’s biochemical needs and requirements.

As for reverse osmosis water, it may be a fairly pure water, depending on how the exchange filters are working, but it has not gone through the heating, vaporization and condensation process as steam distilled water and therefore its electromagnetic memory has not been erased. RO water does not posses the high-energy carrying potential of distilled water. In other words, it too cannot function as perfectly as distilled water for carrying and dispersing the electromagnetic mineral energy throughout the body’s organs and tissues to satisfy the body’s biochemical needs and requirements.

So how much distilled water should a person drink? Dr. Reams taught that one can determine the amount of distilled water they need to consume per day by dividing their weight by 2 and converting the answer to ounces. For example, a 100-pound person would drink (100 ÷2 = 50) or approximately 50 ounces (1.5 quarts) of extra water through the day other than that obtained through food and additional beverages. Herbal teas can be counted in as part of water intake however. In order for the liver to make the best use of the calculated daily water needs, it should be divided into at least 20 increments so 1 increment can be consumed every half-hour during 10 hours of the day from 6-7am to 4-5 pm. Some people will do even better by dividing their calculated water intake into 24 increments to be consumed every half-hour over 12 hours. Sometimes, we reduce the calculated water needs by 20% if there is concern for an individual over- drinking because of certain lifestyle or health challenges. On the other hand, during physical exertion or hot weather, there may be a need to increase the calculated water need by a certain amount. The only way to know, accurately, how much water a person needs to consume is “go by the numbers.” That was Dr. Reams’ favorite expression when pointing out how the RBTI urine and saliva test results (the numbers) will provide the perfect answers, when consulted.


  • 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.
  • In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that is it often mistaken for hunger.
  • Even MILD dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3%.
  • One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied at the U-Wash.
  • Research reveals the lack of water as the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.
  • Preliminary research indicates that proper water consumption each day could significantly ease back and joint paint for up to 80% of suffers.
  • A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or printed page.
  • Proper water consumption, during waking hours, is worth an hour of sleep at night.
  • Water research has shown that drinking 5 glasses of water daily:
    • Decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%.
    • Slashes the risk of breast cancer by 79%.
    • Makes one 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer.

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